Sean's sites -- Sean's personal site and blog

Jeff's sites -- Jeff's blog

Band Links
HD on Facebook
HD on MySpace - Do people still use MySpace?
The Official HD Flickr Archive - Photos, album art, etc. from 1994-2009
HD Flickr photo pool - Post your HD photos here!

Rob's Sites
Links for Rob Knop, keyboardist:
Novatone -- Rob's other band
Diana Moves -- Rob's rock opera project

Other Links
Hardly Dangerous -- Fan site, with all sorts of neat/rare stuff you can't find elsewhere
Harvey Danger on Wikipedia -- Ytje did the amazing illustrations for the packaging of Little By Little... -- Today`s football dropping odds from -- If you've seen a picture of us in the last year and a half, there's a 99% chance that Ryan Schierling took it. -- An artist and a gentleman: the inimitable Steve Fisk.
GeekFun -- Erik Speckman, the man making this whole downloading/torrent thing actually work.
Slapnose -- Anthony Hecht, web designer/master extraordinaire.