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Our Lady Peace - 8/22/09 - The Vic, Chicago, IL - Audio
08-22-2009, 09:12 PM
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Our Lady Peace - 8/22/09 - The Vic, Chicago, IL - Audio
Just thought I'd post my next recording here. Taped tonight, already up on DIME. In case you're interested:

Our Lady Peace
August 22, 2009
The Vic Theatre
Chicago, IL

Taper: Brian Emerick
Location: Rail at FOB, Floor - 5' high in lapel
Source: CA-11 Cardiods > SPSB-6 > Edirol R-09HR 24-bit 48K > SDHC
Conversion: SDHC > Audacity (fades) > CDWAVE (splitting) > xACT > FLAC (8)



01: Intro
02: Monkey Brains
03: Superman's Dead
04: Angels / Losing / Sleep
05: Innocent
06: Clumsy
07: Paper Moon
08: Escape Artist
09: Is Anybody Home? *
10: Somewhere Out There
11: Bring Back the Sun
12: One Man Army
13: Denied
14: All You Did Was Save My Life
15: 4 A.M.
16: In Repair &
17: Starseed


* first half acoustic
& lyrics from "Thief" mid-song

Notes: Some crowd, but not terrible. I had some douches to my right who were supposedly super fans but could not stop talking the entire show, as per usual. Luckily I was at the front of the top level rail with no one in front of me and had cardiods not omnis. Turned out good.

This is a 24 bit 48hz recording for max quality, which means it cannot directly be burned to CD. You will have to convert to 16 bit 44.1hz to do that. This can be done with any number of free programs such as Audacity. But it will play fine on any computer or can be converted to MP3 through itunes. Enjoy!

compiled on 8/22/09 - brian dot emerick at gmail dot com
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