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The bands from The New Seattle Music Scene
06-14-2018, 09:27 AM
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The bands from The New Seattle Music Scene
Anyone who is familiar with The New Seattle Music Scene, which has its own post here, is a compilation album from the late 90's featuring an alternate mix of Flagpole Sitta, but is accompanied by 19 other songs. IMO, a lot of these songs are better than others, but what I'm most curious about is the "no-name" bands that were featured on the album.

The bands that played on this album were (in order):

1. Life Like Feel
2. Super Deluxe
3. Harvey Danger (duh)
4. The Day I Fell Down
5. Jackie On Acid
6. Maxi
7. Just Plain Bill
8. Super Sonic Soul Pimps
9. Tupetop
10. Willis
11. Huge Spacebird
12. Soda Jerk
13. Delilah
14. Little Buddy
15. Michelene Impossible
16. Pot Pie
17. speedQueen
18. Una Ceja
19. Cycle Bubble
20. Lucky Me

The ones in particular whose songs I cannot find for the life of me are Life Like Feel, Soda Jerk, and Cycle Bubble. I know LLF has released some songs on their ReverbNation page, but the songs from their eponymous album are...nowhere. If someone can help find some songs by these bands, that'd be great. Thank you-

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